MagicDisc 2.7.106

Easy and quick software allowing you to create and mount disc images on your PC

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    Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 2003

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Have you ever went to play your favorite video game, listen to an old CD or watch a DVD only to be disappointed as the disc is damaged, which makes playback almost impossible? Are you tired of dredging through piles of CDs to find the one you need? If so, then MagicDisc is the answer to this common, and annoying, problem. MagicDisc is a highly popular virtual CD-ROM program, which allows you to “burn” disc information onto a virtual drive. The result? Immediate access to programs, movies and other files without having to physically insert a disc.

What is MagicDisc?

In a nut-shell, MagicDisc acts like a CD-ROM drive; however, instead of requiring physical insertion of a disc, all information is stored internally for immediate access. Also referred to as a Virtual ISO Drive, MagicDisc allows users to access the CD-ROM files without having to use the actual disc. Students, professionals and gamers are given freedom to open software programs even without the physical CD or DVD.

How Does It Work?

Upon inserting the CD into your computer and running MagicDisc, files and extensions are downloaded onto your hard drive. Therefore, it's essential you only use this program if you have ample internal or external hard drive storage. As the CD is saved, this program creates an .ISO file, which is used to access the program once the disc is removed.

After files are successfully uploaded, users access files by clicking on the disc image file. Immediately, the program runs as if the CD has been inserted. Gamers and those who run high-processor programs can enjoy running speeds up to 200x's faster than traditional CD-ROM drivers.

Outside of the obvious benefit of having all software programs safely stored in a digital manner, MagicDisc eliminates the need to “burn” backup copies of CDs or DVDs, which eliminates costs associated with buying blank CDs while reducing time and labor associated with manually copying every CD/DVD.

Using MagicDisc

The user-interface for MagicDisc is among the most streamlined out of similar programs. Although this program offers various adjustments to customize how a disc is captured, the following is standard for both software programs and DVDs:

  • Inserting the Disc - Once you have activated MagicDisc, insert the disc you wish to be captured into your CD-ROM. Upon insertion, do not run the disc program. Instead, open the MagicDisc window.
  • Create a New Image File - Under the “Tools” menu option, select “Make ISO from CD/DVD-ROM.” Upon clicking this option you'll be directed to a window where you'll select the CD-ROM drive the disc you wish to copy is housed.
  • Output Options - Next, you'll be directed to a screen that directs where the downloaded files should go. There are several options, but the most common is the “Standard ISO Image File,” which is appropriate for software programs and DVDs.
  • Finalize the Copy - After scrolling through several downloading options, such as password protecting the files, press “OK” and wait while your CD is transferred into its new digital home.

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